Souto Farms BC D’AnJou Pear


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Taste: These sweet pears have an aromatically juicy, creamy white texture, with a tantalizing hint of grittiness that makes them unique. Paired with their thin skins, D’Anjou is one of the most reliably good eating pears.

Nutritional Info:

  • Have about 135 calories per medium-sized fruit and 6.3 grams of fiber
  • High in vitamin C and contain a ton of antioxidants in their skin

When to Find D’Anjou Pears: This pear is classified as a winter pear, and so comes into season toward the end of the fall.

Best Uses For D’Anjou Pears: With their smooth, thin skin and melt-in-your-mouth textures, D’Anjou is best eaten fresh, but also does well in pear butters and as a creamy sweetener for soups and sauces.

How to Store D'Anjou Pears: Like all pears, keep D'Anjou pears in your refrigerator once they are ripe. D'Anjou pears keep a bit longer than other varieties.

Medium Basket 2.5 - 3Lbs Approx 5-6 pieces depending on size and variety

Case 20lbs Approx 44 - 48 pieces depending on size and variety

*Keep refrigerated to last up to 2-3 weeks. On your counter for 1-3 days to keep ripening.