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Home Jenny's Delectables Frozen Foods

Jenny's Delectables Frozen Foods

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Established in May of 2016 Jenny's Delectables began the production and sale of Gourmet Stuff'd Potatoes. Creating an all natural home cooked product that quickly grew in popularity throughout Southern Alberta. Available only in Farmers Markets for the first 2 years Jenny's found a new home on the shelves in many stores in Southern Alberta and garnered the attention of larger grocery store chains such as COOP, Sobeys, and Freson Brothers. Currently in over 100 stores reaching as far North as Manning and South too Lethbridge Jenny's is growing at an incredible rate. With a commitment to local growers, and the absolute freshest ingredients available, Jenny's continue to supply the highest quality product possible. With the head office  in Calgary Jenny's growing demand for its products is a testament to their unwillingness to waiver from the highest standards.